Легендарный футболист Пеле в 75 лет женился в третий раз

75-year-old soccer player Pele and his girlfriend Marcia Aoki Sibel were married before the finals of the European championship football in 2016.


While in Greece, celebrated the wedding of model Ana Beatriz Barros (Ana Beatriz Barros) and billionaire Karim El Saiti (Karim El Chiaty), in Brazil, the whole country watched the ceremony 75-year-old football star Pele (Pelé) , and 50-year-old businesswoman of Japanese origin Marcia Sibel Aoki (Marcia Cibele Aoki).

Wedding Pele and his lady were televised. Venue of the ceremony was the coastal town of Guaruja in the state of são Paulo, and the guest list was 120 names.

The player met current wife in the 1980s, but the romance between them began only in 2010. Four years later they announced their engagement and planned to get married a year later, but due to health problems Pele’s wedding had to be postponed.

For Pele is the third marriage. In 1966 he married Rosemeri DOS Reis Cholbi (Rosemeri dos Reis Cholbi). They had three children: Kelly Christine (Kelly Cristina), Edson (Edson) and Jennifer (Jennifer). They divorced in 1982. Next time Pele was married in 1994. His second wife Assyria Lemos Seixas (Seixas Lemos Assíria) gave birth to twins Joshua (Joshua) and Celeste (Celeste). In 2008, the couple broke up.

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