Left SEREBRO soloist declassified beloved

Покинувшая SEREBRO солистка рассекретила возлюбленного A few days ago representatives of the Russian show business noisy celebrated with Maxim Fadeev his birthday. The celebration brought together all the artists with whom the producer and his friends. Daria Shashina, who recently left the band SEREBRO, also came to congratulate Maxim. She was accompanied by the evening, a young man who witnesses called chosen.

      Покинувшая SEREBRO солистка рассекретила возлюбленного

      Recently hosted the celebration of the birth of Maxim Fadeev. Representatives of music bands, the producer of which is a birthday, gathered at the restaurant to wish coach all the best. Among the guests were and Daria Shashina, who recently left the band SEREBRO due to health problems. The doctors found the ex-salitsky “congenital dysplasia of the knee, pathology and bone formation. In this disease, it could no longer make the concert load. However, despite the departure from the group, Casinoi things are going well, particularly in his personal life. At the event, she appeared with a young man.

      Maxim Fadeev has uploaded a photo, under which is written, that cute guy is a moon Dasha. In the microblog the girl’s pictures with her boyfriend did not appear. According to eyewitnesses, the pair all night held close and cuddled, so all decided that the young man – a new partner of the singer. However, to say exactly what kind of relationship the couple is impossible.

      Shashin left the band SEREBRO in late March. The producer of the group thought that the health of the performer can work for a long time and was not looking for her replacement. “We are very hopeful that a miracle will happen, Dasha will recover and you will not need to leave SEREBRO. But the doctors strongly insist on the operations. I can not say that this is terrible news for all of us. We love her very much, she is our child. If she has the desire and strength afterwards – I’m always waiting for it, our doors are always open. The first of may Dasha needs to leave the team at the urging of doctors. So now I am forced to announce urgent casting”, – wrote in the microblog Maxim Fadeev.

      Recall that Casino replaced the girl from Tula, Katya Kischuk. Many fans noted that the singer is very similar to each other. However a new team solido not saddened by this resemblance. According to Catherine, it was compared with Lindsay Lohan, Mila kunis and even c Marion Cotillard. Spectacular girl is joined SEREBRO and even managed to show off with the other two soloists in a candid photo shoot, staged by Maxim Fadeev’s son Savva.

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