Lee bought in the boutique fake for 140 thousand rubles

Хилькевич купила в бутике подделку за 140 тысяч рублей

Actress almost became a victim of fraud.

The fans of the stars believe that artists clothing just falls from heaven, saying, they have enough in store to go, and they have a package of gifts to collect. A plus more stuff from the shoot… not so. Most of the things artists are buying for yourself, sometimes for a large sum of money. And therefore are shopping very carefully, because the money also they not fall down from heaven.

So Anna Khilkevich decided to get a new branded bag, went in search of one of the most fashionable boutiques of Moscow. The actress had no doubt that there will be able to find not only a beautiful thing, but also qualitative. However, Anna was disappointed…

“Cum, so cum… I recently Went to this “shop”, freaked out and bought a beautiful, expensive bag DG from the new collection… Came home, unpacked, and then I immediately broke the chain on it! I think: well, how so? Good quality, not cheap bag – and immediately breaks down?!” – complained the actress fans.

Maybe got defective, I thought the star of the series “Univer New hostel” and went to return the bag back to the store.

“Wanted to exchange, but another second they appeared, it was suggested that to pass and request a new one. So I left, went on with his story, Lee. — Two weeks passed, no one called me. I’m restless, I went to another DG store, where it is also not found… Asked the girl to bring me this model from Paris, I think there is something just find, maybe there will be cheap. But when the girl came to the boutique, told her that such bags are, in principle, and there was not! There is a similar, but still it is in another color in a smaller size… So the conclusion I did the following: even cum does not shun fakes for 140 thousand And you “brands, brands.”