“Leave and shut the door”: where did the singer Jenya Otradnaya

«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя Отрадная “StarHit” know what’s happening in the life of the artist. Zhenya Otradnaya became popular after the project “Five stars”, but then gave preference to the home and raising children. Now she is back ready to conquer the audience.
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя Отрадная

Singer Zhenya Otradnaya became popular thanks to the song “Go away and shut the door” – in 2007, word of this song sang almost every citizen of our country. The impetus for the rapid development of the career of the artist can be called participation in the competition “Five stars” which spent the First channel in Sochi. There, a young singer with a powerful voice took second place, losing to the Duo of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih. For some time the song Zhenya Otradnaya often heard on the radio became the soundtrack to the TV series and videos have hit the airwaves on TV. “StarHit” decided to find out what she’s doing now, the once popular artist.

Jack, you had such a bright start, and now you barely hear them. What is the reason for your disappearance?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяI had a break in connection with childbirth. But now that they are a little older, I began slowly to return to the profession she write songs, perform what I write. Since the beginning of the season, that is from September last year, posted on the Internet a few songs. Now I have started an active period of the producer are looking for. Another was the works – tell people where to go in Moscow. I’m currently studying in my second year at the RSUH Department of history of art. That’s talking about the museums and significant places. —
So, now you are a student. Why did you decide to get another degree?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяI’ve dreamed about this since childhood. From an early age, went to different competitions abroad in Italy for several years came, there was a cruise ship in the Mediterranean sea. Besides the fact that we sang songs, of course, went on trips. That was what absorbed the impressions of the cathedrals, buildings, architecture. So I had a dream to learn to understand art. But when I became actively involved in stage, so to speak worked “Zhenya Otradnaya”, studied in GITIS, all the time is not enough. And now the opportunity came, and I decided to realize the dream. I don’t think I will become a great critic, but I want to promote this area. We have such a big country and not everyone has the opportunity to visit different museums. So even through my vlog they will have a chance to learn something more. And the children used to go to museums.
Did you like the novice videoblogger any incidents during the filming?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяFirst, to shoot in museums – a risky business, because many places do not. My friend Masha is constantly on adrenaline – we need not just a picture but a story. On I fixed the microphone, the camera is hanging at the friend on the neck, but because I always say that it “relieves the stomach.” When I have something to tell you, pretending to turn to Mary. Sometimes men approach and begin to argue with me.But we’re not just vlog about art do, but also tell about the everyday life of the pop singer. Once arrived at the site, and nobody meets. We know roughly where in the building the hall in which we stand, and do go. We are trying to drive, I have to explain that I just came in, what they sing at this event tonight. It was very funny to see their reaction.—
Where are the power – and two daughters to educate, and learn, and songs to record, and shoot video blogs?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяSpend a lot of time on children. I don’t like to leave them with nannies and grandparents for a long time. Soon the youngest four years old, and the eldest six. I therefore enrolled in the University two years ago, because the children are a little older. A small child of up to three years a strong bond with the mother, so that separation is traumatic for both parents and kids. Now the girls organize my life – I instantly know what to do and what not worth my attention. Differently allocate time and effort. September girls go to kindergarten. I as if it was a different era in my life! Now I have a whole afternoon free! Had not appreciated time – spending the whole day with the owner lie or in a fitness club is constantly frequented. And now in the morning, quickly run to the Studio, then back again. Really appreciate the support of parents – children get bored with mom and dad to be constant, it is necessary to communicate with the older generation.
And the children know that their mother is an artist? They are familiar with your work?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяA year ago we went for an anniversary of the band in which I sang as a child, in my hometown. We came on the scene with her daughter, and I saw that she kitanola from the speech. Antonina still remembers the audience applause. But I’d like to see children educated in some other professions, did not go to artist.—
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяIt will come by itself if there is a vein if surely stay on the scene. The technique can pull, artistry is not going anywhere. I think the most important thing, that a man was educated, well read, had a broad Outlook. And to speak always is a matter of practice. Work “shot” will make themselves known. —
Well, how about music school?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяYes, of course, need it even. Here I read Aristotle, Plato, and from their works it is clear that early education included playing musical instruments, art, performance, oratory – taught since childhood. Of course, other important arts for the full development of a child – dancing, and sports. A sense of rhythm, posture and grace for life remains. —
Girls go to dances or play sports?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяIn kindergarten they have dance lessons. We still go to class in the English language. I think children should be different “hangouts”, where they communicate with their peers, and to different authorities, in the person of teachers. To us on weekends comes the artist, the tutor, we do the whole family. It’s me you need to study, my husband too, he works in the film industry. Children also wonder – with them-drawn. It unites a family.

How long do you live with your husband?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяWe got married very quickly. Was found in Ivanovo, in the film by Sergei Solovyov “Classmates”. Jack worked there as sound engineer. I played there myself. He saw me at a performance, he liked. A year and a half, when the film was ready, I presented it at the festival. Three days of riding on the boat. And then Jack couldn’t leave, got married, I was already pregnant. —
As you proposed?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяIt was the home of his parents. At first we were at the star party, and then decided to go to the village, and three days spent there. When I saw his family, it seemed so good. It was important to me – when you see relatives, you know, where everything is taken in terms of education, and indeed can learn much about a person. I watched his album, which was my parents, but Jack is there so little. I said the same want. And he said, “Let’s give birth, get married!”

I do not regret that gave up my career and devoted himself to his family?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяThe children were born in succession – two years difference, so don’t have time to sober up. But we wanted to do. When Antonina was seven months old, she was sitting in a large room, rearranged the toys. We felt so bad for her, she looked lonely. Decided that she urgently needs a brother or sister. Of course, I now have a big break. Look at friends, colleagues, monitor their progress, and she sit without work. But still these are my children, I find the energy. Of course, it is difficult to constantly be home far away you can’t. And as I leave the baby here, how to give to the care of others, we are very attached to each other on an energetic level. And after a while, when the child grows up, moves away slightly and he may well exist, it is getting easier. Now, when I study in University, I was inspired – I wrote a lot of songs. It just seems that like unrelated. I downloaded and children, and education, but still the inspiration comes. —
You write music or lyrics?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяAll. I sang in a rock band “110 Volt”. There we had music, but no lyrics, so I had to take. Skill comes with experience. Now write for themselves immediately with the melodies. I have musician friends who help to embody the ideas. Some songs can be streamed on the Internet.—
And now the band broke up? Not going to resume work?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяI don’t think. We understand that it is necessary or to actively work, or to leave. It’s a complicated situation. When there are several people difficult to organize rehearsals are still alive. At that time, we did not find a Manager, booking agent, who would be our promotion. The musician has also another function. When I realized that no one takes responsibility and not dragging itself on the organizational issues, I left all the time. And then I thought, “Well, what’s a rock band, it’s easier for me to work.”
Why, when you sang solo, stopped working with producer? Were there any misunderstandings?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяNo, there was no conflict. Just a contract is over, no one to renew. It’s 20 years, you can completely depend on the producer, who decides everything for you. That period I take it as an internship, study. Now the situation has changed – I think of how I look, what and how to sing. I need a producer, but as a partner with whom you can work in a team. —
Thought of myself to reiterate through any competitions? For example, to participate in “the Voice”?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяTo be honest, already got contests. Yes, this is a good way to Express yourself. We went to the “Main stage” in the group. But I understand that this show, it is not necessary to lay hopes. Moreover, the contests take so much time and effort. Well, it showed you on TV, what next? Better to write songs, improve in this. Now some nonsense is going on. If you listen to the radio, no hits, which would appear in rotation a year or two, but only not more than three months. With this consideration we write the songs. On the visual images many built – in composition it is necessary to remove the clip. We should strive in the Internet, although, of course, impossible to ignore radio and television. —
Miss those days, when your song “Go away and shut the door” was wildly popular?
«Уходи и дверь закрой»: куда пропала певица Женя ОтраднаяHonestly, I don’t often think of the period. It was hard, I lived alone in Moscow. For me it was work and not a holiday. Yes, there were concerts, and flew actively in different cities. At some point I realized that the popularity of someone to prove something – I arrived in Moscow, did everything I wanted. But it is not so satisfied, this is largely the success of the producer. Yes, my achievement is that I worked with from childhood and I took on this role. Now I get much more satisfaction when I write songs myself. Let the composition do not have such success, but it is my “blood”, and I don’t owe anybody anything.—
There is a belief that failures contribute to the growth of the individual. What disappointments have happened in your life that turned into a blessing?
Often failures are forced to turn the brain. About myself I can say that – I specialize in second place. At the contest “Five stars” in Sochi lost Potap and Nastya Kamensky on “Main stage” nobody took participated in projects that were not successful. I am grateful that there were second places, and failures. When occupy first, there is a temptation to relax. The TV channel project “Russia” “the Secret of success” gave me the opportunity to enter into a contract. After “Five stars” I had the opportunity to stay in Moscow with producer to work with. Sometimes that failure is called failure.