Leather, fur and sheer skirt: Alla Pugacheva was published in the flamboyant manner

Кожа, мех и прозрачная юбка: Алла Пугачева вышла в свет в эпатажном образе
The prima Donna compared with the Hollywood actress.

Alla Pugacheva and Marina Yudashkin and the guests

Photo: @Instagram marinayudashkina Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva on the eve shone at the opening of the renovated boutique Valentine Yudashkin. The diva appeared at a social event in outrageous form: a black leather dress with transparent skirt star complements scarlet fur Cape. Of course, in this way, 68-year-old actress has riveted the attention of all the guests of the gala evening and managed to outshine younger colleagues. Some netizens said that Pugachev is becoming more and more similar to Hollywood actress Goldie hawn. She’s older than the legend of the Russian stage for three years, but also still loves to shock the audience with risky outfits.

But not so long ago, the Diva appeared before the public only in black “robes”, which became her signature “chip”. Now she works in young stylists, searching for her youth looks for the red carpet.

By the way, from the boutique Alla, according to eyewitnesses, went not with empty hands. She loved the new collection Yudashkin: it has bought half of the outfits presented in the show room. So soon Pugacheva will be, apparently, will once again delight fans of the spectacular appearances.

Meanwhile, the children Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have become real stars in the Network. Through the efforts of the Pope, who publishes the videos with their participation in the microblog, young Lisa and Harry started up a fan club.