Стало известно имя младшей дочери Светланы Лободы The actress became a mother for the second time in late may. Svetlana Loboda tell you, called the daughter. Now she said that she was given the name Tilde. Many fans attribute this decision to star with her relationship with the lead singer of the band Rammstein Till Lindemann.
Стало известно имя младшей дочери Светланы Лободы

Svetlana Loboda has now returned to active creative work. The actress who became a second time mom in late may, did not linger long in the decree. Star not told who the father of her child, has disclosed the name of the baby.

“My youngest daughter’s name is Tilde,” admitted Loboda.

This is the name of the girl reminded many fans about when Svetlana with the lead singer of the popular German rock band Rammstein with Till Lindemann, with whom they closely communicated last year. Then fans of the stars they talked about her affair with a famous rocker. But Svetlana herself was hiding, what was it between them.

“The situation with Till too beautiful in itself. When the story broke in the media, till sent the world a lot of screenshots of the German press. And wrote: “we’re world success” – commented the events producer-star Natella Krapivina.

Of the child’s father didn’t even close Loboda. Her father Sergey is a very evasively answered questions about the upcoming replenishment in the family.

“Light tried to about the pregnancy found out as late as possible, – said Sergey. –We are happy, and the daughter for a long La another child. Granddaughter Evangeline – she will soon be 7 years – we already have, now I want a grandson! The father of the future baby it is, we have not yet presented, but any choice daughter, I approve. She’s a workaholic, she needs to do something – to act, to tour, to surprise. And with baby’s help and to babysit, and walk. The more the experience is already there”.

By the way, after the appearance of the second child Svetlana reviewed the question of fees for speaking. “To enjoy a private concert of Svetlana is worth 50 thousand euros. Road, accommodation, transfer for team of 12 people go also to the receiving side, – explained the “StarHit” Natella. Plus per diem of EUR 200″.

According to the magazine “Hello!”, Loboda also spoke about what growing older daughter. The singer loves the child and will do anything to eve was happy.

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