Learned the name of the protagonist of the project “the Millionaire of marriageable age”

Стало известно имя главного героя проекта «Миллионер на выданье» In a new reality, which will be aired on the channel “Yu” on Saturday, 15 girls will compete for the heart of a wealthy groom. The name of the millionaire has so far been hidden from the public, but it became known as the “StarHit”. The matchmaker on the show are former civil wife of Boris Nemtsov Ekaterina Odintsova.
Стало известно имя главного героя проекта «Миллионер на выданье»

According to the program rules, all contestants will be placed in a country cottage of a very wealthy man. There they will plunge into a “luxury”. And you can choose the life partner of 15 candidates to be the millionaire, and his friends.

Who is he? Six apartments in Moscow, real estate in California, his friendship with Hollywood and Russian stars, an impressive fleet of cars, private stables and a helicopter, hunting, yachting, Cycling and Hiking, “Formula 1”, the staff of 130 people all over the world, buying a private island and five children… This is not a complete list of what has and what motivates the main character a reality. And his name is Konstantin Shcherbinin.

Стало известно имя главного героя проекта «Миллионер на выданье»

Behind the men’s eight (!) marriages. And it is extremely important what we came for girls: for fame, money or true love? Who will be the new Mrs. scherbininoy – it will be known in the final of the project “the Millionaire of marriageable age”…

Ekaterina Odintsova was the matchmaker unworldly millionaire

According to producers, during the first meeting with the rich girls are more likely interested if she is familiar with… Olga Buzova. It turned out that Yes, they communicate periodically.

“I was pleasantly surprised, I liked the way the girls greeted me as they looked me in the eye was assessed, says Shcherbinin about writing the first issue a reality. – Of course, I was flattered by such attention. All the girls are cute. And everything is different.”