Lean world: what the stars can’t forgive the former spouse

Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам After my divorce, my ex-beloved often give each other a lot of claims. Generally, the differences related to issues of education of children, alimony and other details relating to Chad. However, celebrities are other reasons to dislike former mate.

      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      Few people after a breakup are able to maintain good relations with ex-spouses. Usually both parties give each other the long lists of complaints. And on everyone’s mind: publish the indignant posts in social networks, talk about old issues in the media. Oil on the fire pour family and friends. “StarHit” recalls the brightest “dismantling” the last time.

      Most often the Apple of discord becomes a child of ex-lovers. In the Network unfold the real battles because of unpaid child support, improper training, unwillingness of one parent to see your son or daughter. But the stars got involved in other conflicts: Anastasia Makeyeva can not forgive ex-mother-in-law, Justin Portman recalls the indifference Natalia Vodianova… This and more in our collection.

      Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk

      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      Marriage Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveychuk seemed perfect, until in April of this year, the actress hasn’t filed for divorce. On the wave of emotions and experiences Anastasia spoke about the two main causes which broke up with her husband. First – Gleb stopped paying attention to her, completely lost in his work. Second – mother-in-law did not like this daughter-in-law like her.

      According to Makeeva, baiting out in the open began when the mother-in-law took the production of the play, the play Anastasia and Gleb. First, the main role was approved by the ex-girlfriend of Matveychuk. Makeev has made to the actress was replaced. This only fueled the conflict: the scandals happened every time Anastasia expressed their opinions about the play. Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      “Not just that, Olga Salimova clutched at his heart and she called an ambulance. Constantly crying” – says Makeev. Support from his wife Anastasia could not wait: he chose to fire from the play herself. The intervention mothers in their personal relations also did not respond. The conflict between the actress and her mother-in-law was delayed and contributed to the collapse of marriage in June Makeev and Matveichuk were divorced.


      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      The singer is one, but a very serious complaint to her ex-husband – his attitude toward their common daughter Kira. The girl came to light when Zarubina and Malinin was still married. However, Kira was raised by the other spouse Zarubina, Vladimir Evdokimov. And Alexander Malinin has long refused to recognize her as his daughter, absolutely not interested in the child.

      In the result, Kira met with the biological father only five years ago – she was then 24 years old. Communication took place in the program “Let them talk”. But the meeting didn’t help: Malinin did not admit paternity, a warm relationship between him and Kira is not established. But the fact of the matter broke out the scandals associated with this situation. The current wife of the singer even once said that he does not understand, what does Kira have to do with the family Malinin, if the documents her last name is Evdokimov.

      Daughter of Alexander Malinin is now able to claim his inheritance

      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      Tired of the gossip and gossip, Olga Zarubina has decided to conduct a DNA test. He confirmed the relationship of Kira and Alexander Malinin. According to Zarubina, even after that, the girl’s father didn’t show any desire to communicate with her. But now she has something to answer detractors.


      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      About a year ago, the husband of Natalia Vodianova suddenly open up on the page in “Facebook”, confessing that he blames her for the breakup of their marriage. Recall, the divorce became known in November 2011. The ex-couple has three children: sons Lucas and Victor, and daughter Neva.

      Justin Portman explained that he did not meet the fashionable life of Natalia and think she’s ashamed of him. Besides, the man had serious problems with alcohol, and support from Natalia, he didn’t feel.

      “I voluntarily went on a 28-day course at the rehabilitation centre. I decided that I should stay there for my family. On the 27th day in a rehabilitation center – it was the traditional day when the patients visited family and friends – my ex-wife told me that she completely missed me and is not interested in that, I returned to the family. I experienced a huge shock, I was hurt…” wrote Portman.

      Natalia Vodianova, which has long been another favourite male Antoine Arnault (she bore him sons and Maxim Novel) – any comments did not give. And Justin Portman deleted this post, but by the time the record went on quotes in the media.


      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      This pair was one of the strongest in the “House-2”. In December 2015, Alexander and Elina left together with the project, and fans have been waiting for only one thing – when, finally, will be married. However, even the General’s daughter Sasha is not United Kamiren and Zadoinov. Alexander left his native Yaroslavl, Elina the girl remained in Moscow. At first Kamiren talked about a former lover very well. Explained that they just changed the status and became friends. But then came the mutual claims.

      Elina started to tell me how little money gives Zadoinov daughter: only to pay for the Babysitting services she spends more. Yes, and there are transfer funds very often. And Alexander suddenly declared that he doubted his paternity and provided in the television broadcast images Kamiren hugging other men. Elina Kamiren caught in the arms of 22-year-old bodybuilder

      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      It came to the DNA test! The results have pleased and Camiran, and Zadoinov: they officially confirmed that Sasha’s father – Alexander. However, we cannot say that the conflict is completely exhausted. Not so long ago Kamiren filed for the former choice in the court requires a formal child support.


      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      The life of stars “the Sweet life” today, it’s not sugar. The reason for that – ex-wife Lada, which for months did not allow him to meet their son Dobrynya. For divorce earlier this year it filed a Lada. Says Nikita, he was able to forgive her betrayal and wanted to restore peace in the family. But failed. As Lada seeks to destroy his current relationship is with Kseniya Sokolova.

      “You called my grandmother, my parents, my mom Susie, she, assuring her that a man like me, she doesn’t need. If Lada made to save the marriage at least a tenth of the energy that she has spent on trying to destroy my Alliance with Xenia… – shared the actor. – I communicate with Lada only through counsel”.

      Material issues between the two former spouses settled, let to reach an agreement turned out not immediately. Panfilov does not hide the child support payments is 180 thousand rubles per month. But on the communication of a man with a son Nikita and Lada have been unable to agree. The actor sighs, so that the child is to forget it. But do not lose heart: he intends to continue to fight for Dobrynya.


      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      That’s really who does not hesitate to sort things out in public, so it Tereshina and Nikitin! The ex-soloist of group Hi-Fi and Vijay TV EN have been together since 2011. In 2013 they had a daughter ARIS. The lovers shared a joint pictures in social networks, demonstrating how they are all fine. And suddenly in September 2015 – the message about the breakup.

      Tanya had accused the Glory of aggression and declared that is afraid for the health of loved ones and their own. Fame did not stay aside and began to talk about how ex-girlfriend is lazy. Yes, those endless selfies and demands: “Fetch”, “Fix”, “Make”! Tereshina immediately hoisted and shared the story that Nikitin, leaving, completely ignored their daughter…

      Sparring in full view of all lasted a long time. Some commentators spared Tanya, others sympathized with Nikita. A couple of times it seemed that old lovers ready to move in. But the hopes of the fans did not come true: now Tanya Tereshina and Glory Nikitin connects only daughter.

      Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko

      Худой мир: чего звезды не могут простить бывшим супругам

      For a gorgeous blonde, TV presenter businessman Andrey Troshchenko divorced his wife. But a new marriage with Dana Borisova lasted less than a year: in June 2015 the couple got married, and in may 2016 decided to leave. The first and only leading her husband was not the handsome Prince, which seemed to her at first. Quarrels and scandals in the family began six months after the wedding. And in February, everyone was amazed by the news that Troshchenko left in an unknown direction on an expensive car wife.

      Borisov then even filed the car stolen to the police. This case was the last straw, after which Dana had decided on a divorce. But her troubles did not end there: someone hacked into a personal e-mail of the presenter. First lost wedding pictures, then the Network has intimate photos Dana Borisova… admitted that he suspects a former spouse in this mess, saying that this could be his revenge for her previous statements. But formal charges are not filed.

      ISA Anokhin and Guf

      Violent fights and passionate reconciliation in front of thousands of fans was one of the vivid evidences of the relationship of rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) and his wife ISA. Over time, the passion had subsided, the marriage broke up, but remained a common son Sam. He is the reason for regular mutual claims between the former spouses.

      In April of this year Alex, without asking Aizu, hair cut boy. Woman in response has published an angry post, where he hinted at problems with the alimony. In June raised the noise Guf. Returning from another trip to son in Bali, where the ISA at that time lived with her new husband Vladimir Anaheim, the rapper complained about the ex-fiancee and I met him.

      Rapper Guf: “ISA, I owe you the rest of my days”

      “I have lain with a concussion a week without leaving home, and realized that there is extra. At the time, I thought, I thought, this time I am sure. Well, time will tell. But God forbid me to say that my son who hurt,” said the musician.

      ISA responded immediately, said business in his father’s jealousy. They say that Dmitry spends a lot of time with Sam, they have a good relationship. But a father can’t be with a boy a couple of days. After a time the quarrel died away, but the subscribers Gufa and ISA sure new conflicts will. Very much an emotional ex-wife.