Леа Ремини: «Том Круз считает меня дьяволом»

Leah remini continues to criticize Tom cruise and his religion Scientology, a great admirer, and of which he is. In an interview with Larry king, the actress, writer and TV presenter said that a Hollywood actor considers her the devil.

Recall that remini was for many years a member of the Church of Scientology, but in 2013, with the scandal left her, leaving “millions of dollars of donations.” Now she has founded her own program “of Scientology and The Aftermath”, which criticizes the sect, and warns others not to join. Shortly before this program aired, bosses of the Church wanted to close the show, and even published an open letter with threats, but no channel guide A&E, or Lea did not give up, and the documentary the program is aired.
“Tom cruise never told me with me after my exit from the sect because he thinks I’m the devil. He actually believes That.. and most of the Scientologists, Yes, all Scientologists think I’m Satan. They are really taught that I and people like me – an evil force whose goal is to inflict harm,” said remini, Larry king.
In the new series of the programme remini is going to tell Yu of rape and sexual harassment that took place within the walls of the sect. According to the actress, 46-year-old Tom “a true believer” in the religion, and his brain is too much washed out, maybe even with the help of hypnosis.
“Tom genuinely believes in what he is told. I confess, I myself was like this a few years ago. I didn’t want to believe all the bad things I said about Scientology, and even reacted aggressively to such statements. Now I understand how wrong I was.
Tom cruise is a very loyal Scientologist, he also does not want to see the truth, as I once” confessed remini.
Earlier, the actress made a sensational statement – it turns out that all the faithful of the Church of Scientology really convinced that Cruz was the Messiah, and that he saves the world. Taking into account the prohibition of watching movies, television and the Internet, members of the Church of any last film of Tom cruise may seem like a documentary.