Leading to a new “Revizorro” might be an unannounced inspection

К новой ведущей «Ревизорро» может нагрянуть проверка

And it’s real: Olga Romanovskaya not only the presenter but also the owner of the gastronomy business.

How did you find Woman’s Day, the asset presenter there is a chain of Italian restaurants in Kiev and Odessa Pizza & Grill. She opened them long before in her life “Revizorro”, which now draws a huge amount of useful information.

“I have my own chain of restaurants, and, of course, this business requires attention and development. Suddenly happened in my life project “Revizorro” it helps me in a deeper study of the restaurant business. I always monitor the cleanliness and storage of food products, but even for this month of work I learned many new and important regulations and quality standards. And most importantly – prepared for the unexpected check of the Ukrainian TV project. By the way, with its leading – Olga Freimut – Romanovskaya know personally. But whether it’s meeting friends? Olga says with confidence: “Yes! Hand wringing no one will.”

Pizza&Grill is positioned as a chain of Italian restaurants with quality food and cozy atmosphere. His service will be enjoyed by all – from young children to businessmen as well. Indeed, the network slogan is: “Eat meat! Love the pizza, mom, dad!” positive charges, and so clearly reflects the energy and temperament of the Romanov.

It should be noted that the high level of service combined with quite affordable prices, as Olga grew up in a poor family and understands ordinary people. For example, most pizzas with a weight of 400 g are from 70 to 95 hryvnia (about 250 rubles). The atmosphere, interior, details – all made with love for Italy. “I love Italy and everything connected with it, and dream that my life in old age, and better to be early, to take place in this wonderful country”.

Romanovskaya suited to any business seriously and earnestly, describes himself as a workaholic and a fighter, and these qualities allow it to succeed. And how fortunate visitors to its restaurants, after all, who is not “Revizorro”, can be trusted?

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