Ведущая «Утро России» Анастасия Чернобровина родила ребенка Apparently, the woman became a mother for the first time. Pretty babe Anastasia Chernobrovina came to light in July. A month after the long-awaited event, the TV star went from maternity leave to continue to delight their many fans.
Ведущая «Утро России» Анастасия Чернобровина родила ребенка

40-year-old TV presenter Anastasiya Chernobrovina returned to the program “Morning of Russia” after a long break. During the time when the winner of the award “TEFI” did not appear in front of the cameras, her fans managed to build a variety of theories explaining her mysterious disappearance. They assumed that the woman decided to change jobs, and also explained her interesting position.

Anastasia chose not to comment on the rumors about her pregnancy, but recently she broke the silence. In the program “Morning of Russia” leading colleague Vladislav Zavyalov said that she became a mother. The woman gave birth to a charming heir.

“Good morning, everybody. The main news this morning – Anastasia back. Not one. Here we come to the main event in the life of Anastasia, and the event has a name,” – said zav’yalov.

In turn, Chernobrovina has disclosed the name of adorable baby. “Artemy” she said, smiling widely. “Congratulations! We spectators waited so long… Nine months!” – said Vladislav. The anchorwoman thanked the man and told that her child recently celebrated a birthday.

“Well, now we have a month! Yes, time flies very fast, kids grow up. And we continue to work”, – said Anastasia.

Fans of the presenter wished her all the best. They also found that Chernobrovina looks great and quickly got back in shape after childbirth. “Hurrah! What she’s done. Present good morning,” “Congratulations from the heart! Waiting for her”, “Cool, we needed it so badly”, “Health Nastia and her baby, as well as a good return,” “we Wish you all the best”, “how lovely”, “Good”, “Wonderful event”, “How great to start you day,” discussed social media users.

Colleagues women joined the congratulations and was glad for it. Among them was presenter of the morning broadcast Elena Nikolaeva.

“Hurrah! Now I can answer all questions about Nastya! Welcome back, congratulations on the birth of a son! You watch with everyone. We are six again”, she shared in one of the social networks.

Apparently, Artemy became the first child Anastasia Chernobrovina. Presenter very reluctantly tells about his personal life, so the Network is constantly circulated various rumors about her. According to some, in the summer of 2014, a woman played a secret wedding, inviting to the ceremony only family and friends. Anastasia did not officially confirm this information.