Ведущая «Доброго утра» вспомнила школьные годы
Dilbar Fayzieva showed how it looked in childhood.

Ведущая «Доброго утра» вспомнила школьные годы

Dilbar Fayzieva mom

Photo: Press service of Provided by D. Fayzieva

Host of “Good morning” on the First channel Dilbar Fayzieva on the eve of the First of September recalled his most vivid school experiences.

Dilbar Fayzieva in childhood with brothers

Photo: Courtesy D. Fayzieva

“In first grade I went in a dress made by my mother, who sews beautifully — told 7days.ru TV presenter. — And all subsequent the First of September, I sported the look “from mom.” The fact that we’ve been looking for a school uniform in the shops, but it was not that,
and mom decided to make mom. We chose a beautiful quality fabric, the blouse was
from fabric milky, in shops such is not sold. On holiday
the line I tied two beautiful bow. I had the most exclusive form — this what I wanted. Even
a specific number of folds! This form is not preserved, but there are other
outfits from my mom that I don’t want to give anyone, and they have I always will
my closet, so they are dear to me.

When I was in the last class
the prom started to look for a in stores “dream dress”: the peach in half, with one strap via
neck. Never found and we began to sew the outfit yourself. And barely made it.

The day before prom my mom in four
hand sewn sequins. When you have to leave — and celebrated we on the other
end of town from my house, we were still attached sequins. I’m a little late, but was incredibly happy, because he was on
prom dress dreamed”.