Leading “Good morning,” Anastasia Tregubova baptized daughter

Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова крестила дочь Mother of many children and leading the morning show on channel finally baptized his youngest daughter’s nickname. Since the birth of baby Anastasia Tregubova been almost six months.
Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова крестила дочь

Bright blonde the First channel, host of “Good morning!” has become a large mom in January of this year – the 30th day, the light appeared to her third child.

And only now, almost six months later, Anastasia and her husband Alexander baptized a daughter nick. The Ordinance passed in the Temple Forty martyrs of Sebaste. This place was chosen not accidentally, the same baptized the eldest daughter Elizabeth. Tregubova said “StarHit” why did you choose this temple why the baptism took place in June. The host was a good reason.

“Wanted the sacrament of baptism was carried out by Father Maxim. We have long been acquainted, and communicate. It wants to come, not just something to use when you need it, but in the most light and joyful moments. The christening took place in June because they were waiting when the baby will get stronger, and it was important for us that all children were present at the Christening, every year they go on holiday to Bulgaria for the summer, so choose date”, – said Anastasia Tregubova “StarHit”.
Ведущая «Доброго утра» Анастасия Трегубова крестила дочь

The baptism was attended by only the relatives of Tregubova and her husband, for example, Nastya’s mother Valentina. Godparents were close friends of the family – Marina and Sergey.

The presenter told us that despite the General excitement that happens in such a solemn situation, a small nick was calm during the sacrament of almost cried.

“For us this is an exciting moment and one of the most important in life. Nick was well and despite the fact that there were a lot of people, they almost cried. When betrayed by her godfather during the Baptism she was sleeping and woke up when it was washed with Holy water,” – said Anastasia “StarHit”.

The 35-year-old Anastasia Tregubova three children:eldest daughter Lisa for 11 years, and my son Misha – 7. Despite the fact that the star was a third time mom and recently, she has returned to their normal ideal body shape: Anastasia already got rid of 10 kilos during pregnancy. The secret of her slimness is simple – first, by his own admission, she has “good muscle memory” (Anastasia long been engaged in gymnastics and dance), and most importantly, before pregnancy and during her Tregubova ate properly and tried to move a lot.