Leading “eagle and tails” launches Shoe brand

Ведущая «Орла и решки» запускает обувной бренд

TV presenter Joan badoeva, the most famous after appearing in a program about travel “heads and tails”, decided to contribute to the development of the industry of Shoe fashion. Today it became known that Badoev has registered his own brand, which will now produce personalized shoes. By the way, the leading brand is called ZHANNA BADOEVA.

Assistant and colleague Jeanne in the development of the first Shoe collection has become legendary Shoe designer Ernesto Esposito.

Presentation of the first Shoe collection to be held in the near future: “About my love for shoes is known to all — from family and friends to the viewers and subscribers in social networks, I love beautiful shoes and rarely can get past it,” says Zhanna badoeva. Every day I get hundreds of messages from fans who ask what shoes I’m wearing and where to buy it. And, of course, familiarity with the iconic Italian designer Ernesto Esposito, who for thirty years has successfully cooperated with Sergio Rossi, chloé, Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi and Marc Jacobs has pushed me to create my own collection of shoes.”

Ernesto said that he was incredibly pleased to be working with Badoeva, because it has a special taste and his vision is beautiful: “Jeanne I liked from the first look — a feminine, light, humorous, very beautiful. She has impeccable taste and a very distinctive, individual style. Therefore, the shoes that we created, will fully embody itself Jeanne, her philosophy of life and unique style”.