Leading “eagle and Tails” explained the lack of privacy

Ведущая «Орла и Решки» объяснила отсутствие личной жизни
Nastya Ivleva believes that it is not easy to get along with.

Ivlieva Nastya and Anton Ptushkin

Photo: Instagram

One of the
the brightest leading the show “heads and Tails” Nastya Ivleva — an enviable bride. To take possession of
heart presenter would dream of many, including the rich and famous, but
as it turned out, their chances are minimal. Anastasia admitted that she is as free as
the wind and declared that in the near future the situation hardly will change.

“Not every
the guy will wait for his girlfriend for three weeks in a month. Therefore my heart is free,
although I’m terribly amorous,” — said Ivliev wdayru. As claims leader, now
when she returns to the capital after the shooting, all the love she gives

In the past
year Nastya broke up with her official boyfriend, singer Arseniy
Borodin, the ex-soloist of group “Chelsea”. They were together for several years and even
they lived together, but to take the next step — to get married, decided not to. Neither Nastya,
neither Arseniy his departure has not commented on, so the essence of the conflict
if it was the place to be, the public never found out.

The following
candidate for a heart friend Nastya became a popular singer Oleg Miami.
Ex-participant reality show “House-2” has a bright appearance and is said to
incredible charisma. No wonder Ivlieva drew attention to it.
She even starred in the video of a young man. The day of the premiere video Oleg
wrote in a personal blog: “Today I have something to say. I’m in love. Not
going from no one to hide it. Nastya, you know everything!”

singer Maxim Fadeev has approved the choice of his ward. He believes that Oleg
this time really found love.

“get-together” there were rumors that Nastya started a loving relationship with his colleague at
the transfer of “heads and Tails. Reset” Anton Ptushkin. Their “television”
tandem was not an easy job. When young people met in front of his
the first joint trip, they really did not like each other. Behind the scenes (and
sometimes in the frame) Nastya all the time, “teasing” Anton, sometimes even abused
over him and his image of an intellectual. But over time, their hostility vanished, and
in its place came gentle friendship. This can be seen in the picture — they have become increasingly
hugging when meeting in the home began to appear in personal blogs each
other. “You’re a couple or not?” is the most frequent question that they ask