Лазарев шокировал поклонников откровенным костюмом

Russian singer gave a concert in Sochi, where he impressed the fans very sexy and sensual stage costume.

On a scene Sergey Lazarev went in ultrastyragel tights sport style, which emphasized spicy “convexity” of the singer. His fans in “Instagram” immediately drew attention to the unusual attire.

According to most commentators, Sergey Lazarev looked in his silver-white suit perfectly. Many praised the taste of our stars and his ability to always look stunning. However, many fans of the singer also noticed that their idol is still a little mistake with the size of her stage toilet. One of the users of the social network even compare Sergei with Valery Leontiev.

“Since our Serezha taste fucking amazing!!! Sergey always the most stylish and always looks awesome! I think the stylist messed. Well, or Sergei is simply not calculated with the dimensions,” reads one of the comments. Fans felt suit Lazareva too tight and outspoken, but prefer to dump all the blame on the careless stylist who immediately offered to fire.

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