Lazarev remained without concert costumes

Лазарев остался без концертных костюмов

It seems our participant of the upcoming “Eurovision”, which is now on a concert tour, in pursuit of trouble. Fortunately, the small. And the singer’s fans believe: it means that in competition you’re lucky!

To “Eurovision 2016” in a few weeks. In the meantime, our contestant, singer Sergey Lazarev, travels the country with concerts. And the surprising thing is that its literally everywhere chasing trouble!

First, during the concert in Petersburg BKZ “October” actor fainted on stage. Then, going to Malta, was forced to do some unplanned., besides all this mess lost his Luggage. And here is a new adventure.

About the incident, the singer said in his blog.

— If you think that our lost suitcases in Vienna and all of our transplants to Malta – this is the peak of history, then no, – quotes Sergey the website “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — Apogee happened today. We arrived in Moscow from Rostov-on-don to take the train to the city Orel, where I have a gig tonight. And decided to eat in an hour and a half available. Parked not quite in the right place, and our car got towed. With all the decorations, suitcases, costumes and all. We tried to find the car on different shtrafstoyanok, as we were given different information by its location. And, in General, missed the train. In the end, I’m standing at the bus stop near the impound yard. Waiting for a taxi, which will go to eagle, and I go there about six hours. But we get there!”

Well, I hope after this story, the artist will no longer leave the car in “not quite the right place”. And fans of Sergei put another plus in his favor in the upcoming contest. They are sure: if fate decided to screw him over trifles, then, in compensation prepares him a big pleasant surprise. By the way, according to the latest data, the bookies tipped the victory in “Eurovision” it is Lazarus, but that’s another story (read more here).

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