Lazarev refused to leave and immediately went on tour

Лазарев отказался от отпуска и сразу отправился на гастроли

The actor, who took third place in the competition, have not had time to take a breath and already sent in a regular tour.

Busy schedule for Sergey Lazarev – usual case. Before he could return from Stockholm, where he performed brilliantly on the “Eurovision 2016” and took the third place, the singer is already preparing to head out on your next tour. A couple of days, the artist still there, he decided to spend them on the beach. Sergey shared a Sunny snapshot on which he looks quite happy and cheerful.

The first performance singer is scheduled for may 23, the concert will be held at the Palace of sports “Trud” in Irkutsk. Then Lazarev together with show-ballet the next day will go to the city of Angarsk. And fans of Chita are waiting for their idol on may 25.

The solo program needs to collect a huge number of applicants. The more that his fans at the lake meet the artist after the first “Eurovision”.

For his fans and fans of the Lazarev has prepared a special program. The singer will present to the audience their best songs.

We will remind that this year the final of “Eurovision” was especially dramatic in intensity. Were never as many decent rooms. But our Sergey Lazarev conquered European fans: his background, integrity and professionalism.

Not only the song, but the unusual setting made quite an impression. In iTunes the song “You Agay the Оnly OPE” before the start of the contest firmly entrenched on the first positions, but after Lazarev showed my number in the first semi-final in Stockholm, he became the most talked about party this year. Bookmakers confidently put that Lazarev will be the first.

But the vote, which this year was held under the new rules, all our hopes overturned. The audience almost unanimously gave Lazarus the first place, but estimates announced by the jury was obviously biased.

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