Lazarev refused to fly economy class to Eurovision

Лазарев отказался лететь эконом-классом на «Евровидение»

The seat in business class will pay the singer Philip Kirkorov.

Next week, April 29, Sergey Lazarev and Philipp Kirkorov, who wrote the song for the contest, go to Sweden for “Eurovision 2016”. Of course, getting to Stockholm artists will be by plane. Moreover, planned by the organizers of the trip estimates – coach. And I live in a three-star hotel.

It would seem, what in it such? Half the country lives like this. In addition, the budget not rubber. Not out of malice all of this, one word. That’s just the artist before the performance hardly need a three-hour session the autograph session and the siege of. No wonder that Philip decided to buy tickets for themselves and Lazarev in business class at their own expense.

“I do it for its own account and is aware of the importance of this work, – said Kirkorov, writes “StarHit”. — Probably, when compared with the Olympics, it’s like being the coach of the national team. My participation in “Eurovision” – this is a social activity, my contribution to the positive perception of our country in the promotion of our culture and artists in Europe.”

Meanwhile colleagues of the artists taking part in the prestigious competition, nothing wrong in what happened do not see. Here, for example, the Director of Polina Gagarina in an interview with Woman’s Day journalist admitted that they had to pay a little extra, although last year the trip was arranged by the First channel.

“I see nothing terrible in that the channel cannot provide all the needs of the artist. It’s still expensive,” – said the representative of the Gagarin.

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