Lazarev on Kudryavtseva: “Between us a special bond”

Лазарев о Кудрявцевой: «Между нами особая связь» The singer congratulated the TV host a happy birthday. Sergey Lazarev sent warm wishes to his former lover. Today Lera Kudryavtseva celebrates the Grand date, and stellar colleagues again noted all the advantages of teledive.

      Лазарев о Кудрявцевой: «Между нами особая связь»

      Today a popular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva celebrates his birthday. Famous blonde turned 45 years old. Friends, relatives, colleagues and star many fans rush to congratulate the media personality so important in her life during the day. They do not skimp on the good words in the address Kudryavtseva and wish her all the best.

      One of the first star congratulated her ex-boyfriend Sergey Lazarev. He once again noted all the important traits and virtues Lera.

      “Lerchik! Lerosa! Kudrya! Kukavica! Happy birthday! You are incredible, beautiful, wise, strong, kind, talented, sexy, with great sense of humor! I’m happy that the fate of you and me once tied up and still between us a special bond! It’s been forever! Kisses and hugs! Happy birthday! P. S. Well, according to tradition – “I gave you the best years of his life,” the comic finished his greeting Lazarev.

      Not left behind and other friends and colleagues Kudryavtseva. Popular singer Dima Bilan has published a joint photo with the presenter and wrote a few kind words to her address. “Lehr, you’re always a pleasure, very charming you man. Just be happy always! Happy birthday to you, pumpkin,” he wished the actor.

      Лазарев о Кудрявцевой: «Между нами особая связь»

      Fans are also not left without attention birthday Lera and excitedly addressed the presenter wishes. “Lera, I wish you a happy birthday! You know, it is nice to see you! Such a nice, sweet, smiling, simple and humorous! Stay the same always! Health to you! Once again, happy birthday, very beautiful woman!” “Honey, the most beautiful, most spectacular Lera! Happy birthday to you! Always be happy and keep making us happy!” – wrote numerous subscribers television stars.

      Apparently, today to celebrate the holiday Lera will not be in Moscow. Not so long ago she shared with his fans the desire to go on vacation. Now in her publications can be judged that it decided to go for a vacation. One of the photos she was holding a boarding pass for the plane, and after a few hours already showed photos from the Krasnodar region. It is possible that Kudryavtseva will arrange a festive event for all your friends and relatives upon returning to the capital.

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