Lazarev fainting at the concert could have been staged

Обморок Лазарева на концерте мог быть инсценирован

The network has already appeared jokes, a singer can safely claim to be the “Oscar”.

On 8 April during a concert in St.-Petersburg Sergey Lazarev suddenly swayed and swung and fell flat on the floor. Fans who managed to capture the fall on video, trumpeted to all the world that the singer is so exhausted from the preparation for “Eurovision”, which already falls into syncope (see here).

Sergey Lazarev himself not a little scared and decided to keep my health had to cancel several planned concerts, got this covered…

Here only they did not believe in the exhaustion of the singer. There are spiteful critics, who saw in the faint Lazarev planned PR stunt. Supposedly, he’s been ready to attract attention to himself on the eve of “Eurovision”. This idea was expressed by the producer Leonid dzyunik, who has previously worked with Sergey Lazarev.

“I think that Sergei, like many performers at Eurovision, need more PR: syncope, disease and many different stories were trying to attract attention. I think that the incident in Peter in this series. But the song is written by Philipp Kirkorov, strong, so could not “survive” so, all is well!” – quoted him as saying

Partly dzyunik right: Sergey Lazarev around every day like a snowball growing rumors and gossip. After the incident of syncope was told that the singer went for treatment in Israel. But then it turned out he had a concert together with other participants of the European competition. But on the Internet there were jokes that if the fainting was staged, Lazarev deserves an “Oscar” for believability.

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