Lazarev called on the double to answer for his disorderly conduct

Лазарев призвал двойника ответить за свое хулиганство The singer published a controversial video, which much like a person depicted with a bottle of alcohol. Sergey Lazarev called to answer for their “obscene” behavior of double.

Sergey Lazarev – an example to follow. Anyway, trying to be and not only for her little son Nikita, but for millions of fans. Lazarev does not drink, does not smoke, plays sports and works hard.

For him, as they say, was seen no inappropriate actions. As said the heroine Alisa Freundlich in the movie “Office romance”, “my reputation is so impeccable that it is high time to discredit me”.

“Compromising” on Lazarev published personally. Posting on his page in Instagram video in which people are very similar to the actor, wonderful with an open can of alcoholic beverage. Whether in jest, whether seriously, the artist wrote that the video sent to him, in the video he did not, and his double.

“How is this possible? Sent a video… But it’s NOT me! And my exact copy! SHOCK! Really a double!” – posted by Sergey Lazarev.

That video “not him”, not believe, not only his followers, but even some close friends and colleagues. For disgracing the reputation of forever young and healthy artist videos overreacted Temnikova Lena, Lera Kudryavtseva, Yana Rudkovskaya. The opinions of famous women were divided. Someone sure is, “well, very similar” to Sergey. Others believe: Lazarev plays the audience. “Yes, okay?! Well, you do! How so?” – wrote Kudryavtseva. “Impossible like! Five times revised, I didn’t know”, – said Rudkovskaya video.

“You’re probably under a beer and posted this video,” said Temnikova.