Lazarev at Eurovision wearing Ukrainian designer

Лазарева на «Евровидении» оденет украинский дизайнер

The singer told Woman’s Day that is already not the first year working with Anna Osmekhina.

The main song contest just over a week. And tension is growing every day… And then there’s Sergei Lazarev was not talkative. And promised to preserve the “intrigue” up to the performances.

But something the singer still told. In particular, Sergey admitted to Woman’s Day that his appearance will meet Ukrainian designer Anna Osmekhina.

“She’s been many times I sewed concert costumes. But again, the secrets will not disclose, the suit – in the concept of rooms. Although now even two of them to choose from. Yet determined,” – said the participant.

Anna, incidentally, is very reputable in the circles of the star designer. Worked with many celebrities. And now, for example, is a personal stylist Lara Fabian, sews costumes for clips by Alan Badoev.

Sergey Lazarev, meanwhile, are already in the capital of Sweden. Moreover, the Russian singer has become the object of everyone’s attention after falling from meter height during a rehearsal…

The thing is that the room Lazarev present fairly complex scenery. It is no wonder that fans even joke, saying that the singer would be nice to be a mountain climber to deal with them and not to ring the hospital bed.

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