Laysan utiasheva will take jobs from Yuri Dude

Ляйсан Утяшева отнимет работу у Юрия Дудя She will be leading an ambitious project. Laysan utiasheva will be interviewing the most talked about people of Russian show-business. The show will be coming out on the platform of the famous social network.
Ляйсан Утяшева отнимет работу у Юрия Дудя

In 2017, the sports journalist Yuri Dude opened his YouTube channel. He began to interview the most interesting stars, asking them awkward questions about earnings and relation to politics. Fresh format quickly became popular, and now the audience of the channel exceeds the three million.

Now the success of Yuri trying to repeat many. So, recently, it was reported that on the platform of the popular social network will leave the show leading which will Laysan utiasheva. The format will be similar to the successful Dude channel on YouTube.

“Women are the most active audience of our social network, and therefore, the format can gain popularity. We hope that each issue of the new show will gain about 1.5 million views,” – said representatives of the social network.

At the moment we know that the show will become the female version of the format developed by Yuri Dude. By the way, the man was repeatedly accused of sexism. So, Ksenia Sobchak, who became the first lady that appeared in the “Udud” noted that the presenter specifically interviews exclusively for men.

However, the jury has repeatedly denied such accusations. He insisted that picks guests by gender, and in the interest of the audience to each of the invitees.

Anyway, a show featuring Rosie will be focused on the female audience. While it is known that in the first season will be shown eight editions lasting about forty minutes. However, the list of star guests is kept secret.

Itself utiasheva has not commented on its participation in the project. However, the young woman has repeatedly shown that she likes to work of the presenter. Fans of Rosie are sure that she will be able to make a project popular.

“Rosie is going to drag shows. She’s very charming”, “I think it’s not the best idea, but at least the lead chose the right”, “it will be Interesting to look at the guest list and Utiasheva in his new role,” wrote the fans of the athletes.

At the conference, VK Digital Day were presented and other projects of the social network. Almost all of them focused on the female audience.