Laysan utiasheva told, how to survive anorexia

Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала, как пережила анорексию

In childhood, when the young athlete was just starting to conquer the audience with their gymnastic stunts, coach starved her to death.

31-year-old mother of two now works as a TV presenter, is involved in many projects and is one of the most beautiful and successful stars of the Russian showbiz. However, the road to fame at Laysan was a very difficult and thorny.

In the childhood parents gave Utiasheva in rhythmic gymnastics. and in 11 years the girl was left alone in the city because my mom had to go on earnings to Moscow, and my grandparents lived in another city.

For some athletes their coaches not only become mentors but also close friends, however, in a situation Laysan it does not happen.

Utiasheva admitted that the coach would not allow her to communicate with her parents and was starved. Mom sent coach money for Rosie, but, in the opinion of the Manager, they were not supposed to be spent on food, because the athlete needs to be slim!

For lunch the star was chicken broth with a piece of brown bread, and for dinner a yogurt. On the fridge door, the teacher hung a bell.

Such a diet affected the health of the young champion, and nerves, she began to pull himself eyelashes and eyebrows, and back ached so that the girl couldn’t get out of bed.

“I began to look like a concentration camp prisoner and all I could think about food. The coach had a Terrier named Bert, and I ate her food. I will never forget, as on all fours I crawled to the bowl because I was afraid of the dog fighting breed, but Bertha saw me as Kutenkov and did not touch. It was amazing. Try to take food out of adult dog he’ll bite, but Bertha felt sorry for me,” said utiasheva “Caravan of stories”.

After mom finally went to see the daughter, the woman was horrified and immediately decided to pick up Rosie from sports boarding school.

Then utiasheva has actually survived anorexia, and normal diet to return was very hard. The body octoral food, while my mom every 2 hours feeding Laysan soups. Despite such abuse from the coach, gymnast, over the years, isn’t angry at her. “She acted from the best motives,” – said Rosie.