Laysan utiasheva told about their tendency to be overweight

Ляйсан Утяшева рассказала о своей склонности к полноте

As it turned out, the star constantly have to control myself and not let the gastronomic weaknesses.

Very few people remember, but eight years ago, six-time European champion in rhythmic gymnastics was fat at the time Rosie left a career and allowed myself some time to diet.

After the second birth star along with her husband have created a special author’s weight loss program for young mothers. The project called “willpower”.

Followers Utyasheva do not believe that once the gymnast looked different, so she decided to share an old picture.

“Look what I found. Spread as he had promised his silvolite. Photo eight years ago, when I decided never to play sports and eat a lot… This photo proves the fact that I’m more than likely to be overweight and obesity… But my Nana (the grandmother. — Approx. ed.) says here I am like a man”, signed the Laysan.

Fans supported the grandmother Utyasheva and noted that even with the extra 35 pounds Rosie looks great. The star noted that her favorite grandmother tried to fatten and Pasha, “but realized that this battle with nature and she will not win”!

By the way, Laysan and Paul Will grow two children – son Robert and daughter Sofia, who they spend all their free time.

By the way, to look at three things Paul Will love his wife, which stings the eyes.

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