Laysan utiasheva the suspect to breast augmentation surgery

Ляйсан Утяшеву заподозрили в пластике груди
The presenter appeared with a gorgeous neckline.

Dear @elenapegas… happy to support the purity of the Russian language and join your flash mob @volshebnik_leksikon ?? Dear @elenapegas With great pleasure I support the Russian language and join your flash mob ?#mexicoviagravc #lexicon

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Recently Laysan utiasheva appeared on the set of the next edition of the project “Dancing” on TNT in a dress with a very revealing neckline. TV presenter has published in his personal blog and also a video showing that it takes part in the flashmob Helena Bat that is actively fighting for a normal Russian speech without words-parasites. Fans of the star immediately noticed that the chest Laysan became much more elaborate than before. Previously, such shapes have Rosie was only during pregnancies, and she did not advertise it so openly.

“What’s with the Boobs? Did you do that?” — asked followers.

These comments Rosie, as usual, left unanswered. However, there were also defenders who began to assert that Utyasheva has always been outstanding form, she just rarely shows them.

Photo: a frame from the video

By the way, recently the appearance of the wife of Paul Will, too, has been discussed. Fans of the stars were discussed, did the presenter have plastic surgery on her face. Some believe that the gymnast has changed dramatically thanks to surgical interventions. Other subscribers write off new facial features for age-related changes.

According to those who advocate conducted “plastic”, utiasheva could do a blepharoplasty, to remove the “lumps bisha” and enhance the lips. In proof of his words, they cause old pictures of athletes. “It is evident that much had changed”, — write fans Laysan. Defenders 32-year-old Utyasheva believe the opposite: “Just matured and “youthful cheeks” gone.” Like it or not, of course, can reliably say only the Laysan, and she ignores the subject.