Laysan utiasheva revealed the truth about plastic

Ляйсан Утяшева раскрыла правду о пластике Spectacular appearance known sportswoman and TV presenter is haunted by the spiteful critics. Recently Laysan utiasheva has decided to stop the discussion of envy and shed light on the speculation about numerous surgeries that she allegedly had to endure.

Last year Laysan utiasheva introduced its own large-scale theatrical dance show Bolero, which was months of training. A celebrity not only prepared the project, but also actively acted for TV. Fans wonder how the gymnasts manage to combine work and caring for children and caring for each other. Rumor has it that spectacular appearance Laysan is the achievement of plastic surgeons.

Utiasheva recently wrote a column for the online publication, which shed light on the speculation of the public. The star decided to put an end to the discussion of her appearance.

“There were rumours about changing the shape of my face. Want to comment on them once: I did no plastic. Where to take time for this and why? My eyes and cheeks has changed after I finished, finally, feed daughter Sophia chest and started to get in shape, to prepare a new dance program. Lost 9 pounds!”he told Rosie.

Utiasheva told how to lose weight. Star controlled his diet and spent a lot of time in the gym.

“Irina Viner told me once that with my type of person can’t gain weight. Even 500 grams of excess weight from “rounded” cheeks. Working on a new project, I spent 6 hours in the hall, comply with proper sports diet. So I managed to lose weight and acquire almost shape,” – said a celebrity.

While rehearsing for a dance show, Rosie studied her for new styles. In just three months, the star was able to master High Heels (dance heel – Approx.) and Vogue (a dance based on the modeling poses and runway walk – Approx.). Star mixed them with elements of modernity and gymnastics. As it turned out, the husband of the sportswoman also dreams to try himself in a new region. After Will Paul visited with his wife’s ball at the Bolshoi theater, he fired up to learn to dance tango.

Interestingly, in childhood utiasheva didn’t want to make a career in gymnastics. The star had planned to give myself to medicine and become a surgeon. The recognition of female athletes, she never could get past the dogs in need of assistance. Little Rosie consulted with veterinarians did animal bandaging, and some of them even brought home. And my mother Utyasheva has provided her full support, writes the magazine “Hello!”.