Laysan utiasheva panics over children’s health

Ляйсан Утяшева паникует из-за здоровья детей The known sportswoman and TV presenter excessive taking care of heirs. Laysan utiasheva said that after the birth of her son and daughter it showed aggression towards those who are somehow trying to hurt her kids. However, she tries to deal with this quality.

      The known sportswoman and TV presenter Laysan utiasheva with her husband Paul Will bring up two children – son Robert and daughter Sofia. The gymnast is very kind to his heirs, especially when it comes to the health of babies. The guests of the program Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all” utiasheva admitted that panics when something happens with her children. Rosie remembered one of the stories that demonstrated this quality.

      “Hello, it’s got snot”, – I called the pediatrician. – “Just wash?” On the second day call again. The pediatrician already strictly says: “Three days should be washed”. Then somehow the doctor admitted that the phone already afraid to take when I’m calling,” – said TV presenter.

      Also, the gymnast with the birth of children opened up another one as she will do anything to protect them. Rosie said that she sees, when one of the kids tries to hurt Robert, it always comes to the parents of this child and tells them about it. She admits that she is trying to become more relaxed in this respect and tries to restrain his aggression.

      “I work over them, in order not to be mothers” – confessed utiasheva in conversation with Julia Menshovoj.

      Despite the fact that Rosie is very proud of her kids, she very carefully protects them from public curiosity. In the microblog gymnast shows kids the only way to not show their faces. Fans have to be content with only a verbal description of how Robert and Sophia and to whom of the parents they are more like. According to her, the boy grows blue-eyed with blond hair as Paul Will. She admitted that he is a very charismatic kid. It touches something that it has the same dimple on the cheek, what was her mom. The daughter, on the contrary, grows dark-eyed, with a bony face, neat nose and long black lashes that reach your eyebrows.

      Also, the presenter focused on the fact that her son and daughter are absolutely not similar to each other externally. The nature of them, too, is different, but they share one thing – happiness. Parents try to do everything to heirs developed as a versatile personality.