Laysan utiasheva made my husband a bold surprise

Ляйсан Утяшева приготовила мужу смелый сюрприз
The presenter told us about how in their family preparing for the holidays.

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Laysan utiasheva loves new year’s cares: “for the New year my mom and Pasha definitely spend all day in the kitchen preparing a variety of dishes and among them is definitely the classic salad. Of course, it has too many calories, but once a year, we can treat”.

To meet the upcoming New year Rosie is preparing two outfit. “The first surprise exclusively for her beloved husband. I’m sure he’ll appreciate my bold — smiles Rosie. Second — party with children. Robert and Sophia will tell Santa Claus poems, dance, and then get your gifts.” All gifts for family utiasheva is trying to prepare in advance.

“I already know that will hand daughter — something out of children’s cosmetics, she says. Sophia is growing a big girl especially loves to paint the lips. Takes me a lipstick and does not give”. The plans for the next year presenter — Moscow premiere of his dance-theater show Bolero. “Going hard to prepare for it, so the addition to the family, which I periodically ask, not plan”.