Laysan utiasheva has shared a provocative picture

Ляйсан Утяшева поделилась провокационным снимком
Neckline presenter became a joke to her subscribers.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva Instagram Laysan Utyasheva

Laysan utiasheva the other day in his microblog shared a provocative photo. Pictured TV presenter and athlete was pictured with a mentor show “Dancing” — Miguel. The piquancy of the published frame was that, thanks to photographer successfully caught the moment on photography has created the illusion that the choreographer looks at neckline Utyasheva.

Laysan is considered the fun and invited his followers to think him witty signature. “What’s he got? I think that Miguel is just forgotten and, as always, the creative impulse of writing room! Write your version in the comments…” — wrote a TV presenter. Many of the fans flashed in the comments wit. However, most of the answers fans have been associated with her husband Utyasheva Paul Will, which, in their opinion, such humor is hardly appreciated. “A husband is not jealous of this?” asked fans Laysan.

The TV presenter chose to leave these questions unanswered, however, not so long ago in an interview, she admitted that the feeling of jealousy in her family life is missing. Prior to the beginning of the novel utiasheva and Will for many years were good friends and during this time learned fully to trust each other.