Laysan utiasheva gained 35 pounds

Ляйсан Утяшева поправилась на 35 килограммов
Gymnast surprised fans with its size.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva Instagram Laysan Utyasheva

Looking at Laysan utiasheva the famous gymnast, mom
two children and just beautiful, absolutely impossible to believe that she
once weighed 35 kilos more than now. The only
proof that Rosie at some point in the past has greatly gained in
the weight of an old photograph, which keeps her grandmother. Rosie shared
subscribers not the the your favorite to once again remind
fans that the impossible is possible.

“Photo eight years ago, when I decided
never to play sports and eat a lot… This photo proves the fact,
I’m less than inclined to obesity and obesity… But my Nana says it
I like a man!” — wrote utiasheva.

By the way, to become more slender gymnast helped special set
exercises, developed by. In addition, Laysan sharply limited
the amount of consumption of “forbidden” food. All together given your
result. By the way, thanks to this “magic” program of physical
exercises utiasheva as easily able to get in shape after having two kids. It
encourages girls, struggling now with the extra weight, not to give up and to boldly go
to its goal. By the way, Rosie is not one of those who do not like to share secrets. So,
a gymnast for quite some time leads your site, the pages of which
talks about the most effective diet and sports loads.

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