Ляйсан Утяшева поправилась на 35 килограммов

Looking at the Laysan Utiasheva, in the head does not fit that her body can fit those extra pounds. Athlete always slim and athletic. Even after giving birth to two children, the figure of the wife of Paul Will be envied and put in an example of how dedication and work leads to good results.

Again to motivate people to do sports utiasheva decided to publish the photos where she is shown in a somewhat modified form.

On the old picture, with great trepidation guarding her grandmother, Laysan is much larger than we are accustomed to see her.

“Photo eight years ago, when I decided never to play sports and eat a lot… This photo proves the fact that I’m more than likely to be overweight and obesity… But my Nana says here I am like a man!” — wrote utiasheva, adding that then she weighed 35 kilos more than now.

And you still believe in big bones?

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