Laysan utiasheva frankly told about anorexia

Ляйсан Утяшева откровенно поведала об анорексии In childhood, the athlete has experienced a severe test of hunger. On this basis, the Laysan started a psychosis, she was barely moving, and pulled himself eyelashes and eyebrows. To return to a normal diet was very hard, recalls utiasheva.

      31-year-old athlete Laysan utiasheva from early childhood engaged in artistic gymnastics. When the future star was eleven years old, her mother went to Moscow. Mother Rosie was offered a promising job, and she went to conquer the capital. The woman was afraid to take heir with him, and left little Utiasheva in Volgograd in the care of the coach. The grandparents lived in another city, so could not look after her.

      According to Rosie, the mother sent the coach the money that was something to feed and water the child. However, the woman starved the girl to death. In her opinion, utiasheva was to retain its shape and did not recover any weight. It is worth noting that even then Rosie took his first strides in the sport – she went to the Russian team and had to go to the club world Cup in Japan. So at lunch the young champion was liquid chicken broth with a piece of brown bread, and on the evening — yogurt. The coach also removed all high-calorie foods out of the fridge and hung on his door bell.

      After some time, an unhealthy diet has affected the health of Laysan. The girl began to freak out. In addition, because of nerves she yanked itself eyelashes and eyebrows. “Then twisted myositis, terribly aching back. I could barely move, more lying,” – said utiasheva reporters.

      When the mother of the young athletes returned to Volgograd, she was shocked as her daughter. To return to a normal diet was very hard, says Laysan.

      “Then I actually survived anorexia, which some girls bring themselves wanting to lose weight, and I know how scary and hard. Fasting is impossible, it is a wrong and dangerous path. Then it is very difficult to return to a normal diet. My stomach refused to eat, was rejecting her. Mother every two hours giving him soups, fed boiled chicken, vegetables and fruits: “Eat a tangerine. Don’t want to? Don’t, just suck”. And I couldn’t keep my eyes. Slept all the time,” admitted utiasheva reporters.

      Over time, Rosie was able to recover and begin to eat normally. Despite the fact that the coach almost brought a young sports star to anorexia, utiasheva not angry at the woman. Moreover, she finds this test is a kind of payment for success. About this utiasheva told the publication “Caravan of stories”.