Laysan utiasheva for the first time showed the face of a daughter

Ляйсан Утяшева впервые показала лицо дочки
Athlete accidentally declassified Sofia.

No matter how he tries to hide from prying fans of their children Laysan utiasheva, it is not always the case. Not long ago, during a broadcast in social networks she accidentally declassified son, Robert. And now it is the turn to show the face of a two-year Sofia.

Rosie placed in your account video dancing with Sofia. The girl swirled with a ribbon, but in the end turned to the camera. Utiasheva had time to stop the recording, but fans still managed to see the face of Sofia. To see, who looks like a girl, unfortunately, impossible due to the poor quality of the shot.

Recall, Rosie and her husband Paul Will spoke about why hiding Sophia and Robert from the audience: “We protected children from cameras and camcorders because they are irresponsible age, respectively, cannot say they want to be photographed or not. As soon as Robert and Sophia reach adulthood, or at least 12 years and willing to put in the accounts in social networks all the baby pictures with mom and dad, of course, they will be able to do it. The only thing at the moment, we are trying to lobby for our children, shielding them from too much attention. We don’t yet understand how they want this attention. They decide in the future!”