Ляйсан Утяшева впервые показала лицо 6-летнего Роберта
Visit his Instagram athlete Laysan utiasheva has published a family picture with her husband Paul, Will, and son Robert.

Ляйсан Утяшева впервые показала лицо 6-летнего Роберта

In the photo Robert is trying to bite the ball. This is the first picture, which the fans could see the boy’s face.

“Robert, you can read this text, but while the world of instagram isn’t your thing. Yours is to run, jump, scream and laugh, draw all excitedly, doing experiments, dancing, funny dancing, grimacing in the photo, go to “campaigns” where “to fight the bad to protect the good” and whatnot. But once this letter will reach you, and you will read it. You for six. You six more. You’re so small and so big. You can laugh about anything, and can talk for hours about difficult topics. You are interested in everything: volcanoes, ancient people, the depths of the oceans, outer space, giant plants, cars and planes and, of course, cartoons about anything and everything, books about heroes and pirates, the history of childhood mamapapa and reusable views another “skymedi”. With you is very interesting. You’re the best friend, companion, assistant. The most fun and the most friendly. The brave, your sister can confirm it easily. The best “tail” in any case! But there are cases where we are your “tails”. That’s fine, though, and happened very quickly. Be healthy, smile, surprise, surprise! Try this world as he tries you. Run, but don’t go too far. At least not yet. To catch up with you is becoming harder, because you have the fastest legs in the world! Happy birthday, baby, occupying the whole bed. Happy birthday, son. Thank you for choosing us. We love you very much. We’ll be there. Your father and mother”

– touching has signed a frame Laysan.

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