Laysan utiasheva decided to have a Frank conversation about the divorce

Ляйсан Утяшева решилась на откровенный разговор о разводе
The athlete admitted that he was unable to forgive the offense.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: freeze-frame of the TV show “Alone with all”

Laysan utiasheva became a guest of the Studio of Yulia Menshovoj and her TV show “Alone with all”. During the interview the athlete for the first time after a long break and spoke about her deceased mother. Speaking about her difficult fate, Rosie remembered her parents ‘ divorce, which left, according to Utyasheva, a serious wound on mom’s heart for a lifetime.

“Mom went through very difficult divorce with the father. After they divorced, she was still six years was faithful to him. She went out and talked with young people, but mom said, “Rosie, I’m not ready and don’t want to. I probably like the Swan: the lost this love. I don’t want to confuse anyone…” we’re from the Pope escaped. It was very scary. When family comes alcohol is no longer a family. My mom tried to return it to him, to be friends and to treat. But it was very hard…” said Rosie.

Speaking about the fate of his dad, utiasheva said that still can not forgive him. And the offense is “stuck” in the soul of the presenter, not after his parents divorced, and much later. Receiving a first status of the mother, Rosie managed to find with his father, a common language, and for some time established a relationship with him. But the family idyll did not last long. Soon dad Utyasheva gave an interview to the yellow edition about his personal life. It turned out that the father gymnasts concealed from her the existence of his brother, and put her daughter in the best light.

“When I was pregnant with Sofia goes yellow edition, where father why they decided to tell me that I have a brother. But he is with me constantly. So tell me this. What’s wrong with that? He has his own life, they have long since mom divorced, and he had a right to this life. Why in such a secret to keep? And everything served was ugly, “Rosie is too busy with her personal life, children”… to Me it was all very disgusting…” said utiasheva.