Ляйсан Утяшева проплакала целый день из-за сына
The presenter shared a rare snapshot of the grown-up Robert.

Son Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva (Instagram lyaysan Utyasheva)

Today the family Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya great holiday: their son was four years old. On this occasion the gymnast and showman organized a children’s party, to which were invited friends of little Robert. The guests of the festival were sent out invitation, that the boy wrote himself. On the eve of the “day x” Robert warned parents: he plans to have fun with friends.

Utiasheva admitted that the holiday was very emotional for her. She was looking at him, could not hold back tears of emotion and joy and the result has been crying all day.

“Mom you today crying all day! When you told daddy that we really love, when he blew out the candle, when he said he’s a big lad and will take good care of her Today… very sentimental! Rob, we love you very much. Health to you and be happy!” — shared Laysan.

Utiasheva and Will very rarely publish pictures of Robert in the Network. But in his birthday he made an exception. However, the boy’s face, they still hide. Spouses want to when the son grew up he took an independent decision whether he shows personal pictures online or not. The same position they hold in relation to pictures of their daughters Sophia, which recently turned two.