Ляйсан Утяшева призналась в склонности к ожирению Wife of Paul Will, holds himself in tight rein. Laysan utiasheva has published in the microblog photo, which her grandmother believes beloved. The picture shows the star weighs 35 kilos more than now.

      Ляйсан Утяшева призналась в склонности к ожирению

      Laysan utiasheva has developed its own program of weight loss after birth and maintain your ideal weight. Six-time European champion in rhythmic gymnastics itself is repeatedly passed through the painful recovery figures. So she, like anyone else, know what a will power. By the way, a project created in collaboration with her husband Paul Will Laysan was named “willpower”.

      Many subscribers will Utyasheva in Instagram do not believe that she did not look as orderly as it is now. At their request, the star has published in the microblog photo eight years ago. At that moment Rosie weighed 35 kilos more than now. The woman said that this is my favorite photo of her grandmother, who personally took it to the editor for a magazine cover.

      “Look what I found. Spread, as promised, its silvolite. Photo eight years ago, when I decided never to play sports and eat a lot… This photo proves the fact that I’m more than likely to be overweight and obesity… But my Nana says here I am like a man, ” said Rosie. – That’s fortunate, because it is Paul Will. Grandma was already hoping to fatten him up, but realized that this battle with nature and she will not win…”

      It is noteworthy that the spouse Laysan, showman Paul Will, for many years already is in the same weight class. The actor looks slimmer and fitter. Even family life, which many better men, did not affect the appearance of Paul.

      Fans Utyasheva was interested to read her review, and reviewed archival photos. “Sacastic! With all due respect to grandma – now, by far, the best”, “the Beauty does not spoil! You are always excellent, getting better and better”, “an Example to follow. You’re clever”, “it doesn’t matter skinny or chubby, just healthy! Health and longevity to you and your family!” support your favorite presenter in the comments of her followers.

      Children Utyasheva and Will not similar to each other

      We will remind, at Will and Utyasheva grow two adorable children – son Robert and daughter Sofia. Leading known this is not going to stop. Rosie admits that ready to give birth again and again, and to do this she plans only in Russia.

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