Laysan utiasheva became interested in Boxing

Ляйсан Утяшева увлеклась боксом
Athlete and TV presenter shared an unusual way to relieve irritation and anger.

Photo: Natalia Zygina

Laysan utiasheva said, leading the figure through dance.

“Dance useful for health and for self-assessment, they are ideal for those who are bored in the gym— said athlete and TV presenter. Dance helps to improve the shape, whether it’s a contemporary (modern style combining different directions), waltz, Rumba, cha-cha-cha… 15 minutes of Jive will replace an hour of fitness. If doing the locking, you will do a lot of sweating! To lose the anger will help hard and stressful crump, movement which is similar to punching an imaginary enemy.”

But for finding peace and getting rid of stress some dances are not enough, so Rosie decided to take up Boxing. “To relieve irritation recommend everyone to start a home punching bag — smiling utiasheva. — We from pashas it already is…”

The athlete shared four rules for a healthy life, are held in their family. “The first rule is to go to bed early. Before Pasha lived in the other mode, and when I began to listen, left the eternal feeling of lack of sleep, headache. By the way, many people mistakenly think that abandoning harmful products, then lose weight. The weight will not go away, if you go to two in the morning. At night the body recovers during sleep produces melatonin, affecting the metabolism. The second rule — do not drink coffee and black tea after 15.00, and the last meal three hours before bedtime. And it is important that the food was easy. Otherwise the body all night to digest, and you don’t rest. The third rule is to exercise with desire and in a good mood, otherwise you can get injured. Our coach Irina Viner-Usmanova never chased us at night so wears out the heart and the entire body. Feel that stayed too long — a change of scenery, take a walk on a new route, open an interesting book… Harmony will help to comprehend the laws of beauty. And love yourself! This is the most important thing.”

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