Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля показали подросшую дочь Today Sofia turned two. Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya congratulated the little girl, and published touching photos girls. Given that the famous parents rarely share photos of children, the footage has caused a storm of delight fans.
Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля показали подросшую дочь

Famous gymnast Laysan utiasheva and famous showman Paul Will rarely show their heirs – a son Robert and a daughter Sophia. Today, however, the girl is celebrating a birthday – she turned two years. Parents welcomed baby in his microblog and published a touching photo. The pictures can be seen as a grown up Sophia. A girl dressed in a white shirt and pink fluffy skirt. The hair of the baby is not yet long and retracted in the ponytail.

“These are my girls. One a little older, the other turned two today. Sofia. Daughter. Girl. Thank you for these wonderful two years. Lazenka, thank you for this happiness. Rob, your peasants, you promise to love and protect, as they have done without interruption to this day. The whole house in balloons, Sofia kissing and the skirt is a celebration!”, – written by Paul Will, posting a picture of his wife and daughter.
Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля показали подросшую дочь

Utiasheva, in turn, showed fans of Sofia cuddling with dad. Fans were happy to see the heir to artists and do not regret warm words for the birthday girl. “Congratulations on your little Princess! Your family is always a pleasure to watch! Wish you happiness, goodness, all the best!”, “Happy birthday, beautiful. I wish you all the best! Sophia is such a babe”, “Congratulations Sophia! Let it grow clever and beautiful to the delight of parents,” wrote loyal fans.

Each publication Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva about children is causing a stir among followers. They are happy to discuss events in the lives of the children that they talk about their famous parents. Not long ago, the gymnast admitted that puzzled with a dilemma – whether to pierce the ears of your daughter or wait. A young mother fears that the child will be painful to sleep on your side. Laysan utiasheva panics over children’s health

“The fact that all the playgrounds Sofia sees their peers and even year-old babies with pierced ears. Runs to me, throws up his pens and said: “Where Cosine (she calls it) in the ears of the beads?” I pierced ears at 12, when I tortured my mom. And I remember that it hurt, especially to sleep on your side, and Sofia is sleeping only on your side…” confessed utiasheva.