Ляйсан Утяшева о проблемах со здоровьем: «Я не отчаиваюсь...»
Gymnast every day coping with the effects of old injuries.

Laysan Utiasheva

Photo: @liasanutiasheva Instagram Laysan Utyasheva

Laysan utiasheva became the history of world of gymnastics as “the athlete, who played with a broken leg”. In 2002, she was injured foot, which for a long time could not diagnose. Rosie, as it turned out, continued to compete with multiple fractures of the navicular bone. Recently utiasheva admitted that he still feels pain in his leg. The most unpleasant — the fact that she, because of the current profession of the host is necessary daily for many hours to endure the pain from high heel shoes that are an integral part of the scenic image.

But Rosie, by his own admission, did not lose hope that in the future will be able to choose shoes with this Shoe, which will remind her of an old injury. “I’m strong, but the legs hurt, and heels to wear want. Did not pass an old injury. 14 years have passed after the last operation… But I do not despair and continue to look for “his” block, which could run all day, forgetting about the pain in the foot and feel again on 18,” said utiasheva.

Last summer Rosie, by the way, was dedicated to the restoration of health. This year she spent the longest holidays in my life. Utiasheva with her husband Paul, Will, and has two children, Robert and Sophia traveled through Europe for three weeks. During such long vacations, she managed to seriously miss the work, wrote in social networks shortly before returning to Moscow.