Адвокаты Эмбер Херд требуют от Джонни Деппа еще $7 млн

Johnny Depp has supported the idea that the ex-wife of her entitlement to transfer $7 million compensation to charity and decided to immediately send money in the funds. Hurd’s lawyers immediately accused the actor of violating the agreement and ordered to pay another $7 million.

A little over a week ago johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and amber heard (Amber Heard) still agreed on the details of the divorce. Hurd withdrew accusations against a spouse in domestic violence, and Depp agreed to pay the actress $7 million This amount the actress had planned to send to the American Union of protection of civil liberties, which helps victims of violence against women and children’s hospital Los Angeles. Yesterday a representative of johnny Depp said that the actor supported the idea of ex-wife and he decided to send the money to the hospital and the Union for the protection of civil liberties. After that, the lawyers heard accused the actor of violating the Treaty.

“We are very pleased that johnny Depp is interested in organizations that choose amber heard. This is an excellent and unexpected news, but it contradicts the agreement. If johnny wants to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he has paid $14 million, which after taxes will amount to just $7 million And payment must occur at the same time, they said. — If the amount is less, it will be recognized as an attempt lawyers Depp half heard the promised amount under the form of participation in the life of charities that the actor has never supported.

The American civil liberties Union confirmed that they have received from Depp charitable contribution, and children’s hospital Los Angeles — while only part of the funds, for which he has thanked the former wife amber heard.

According to the laws of the United States, at the end of the year when filling out the Declaration on taxes you can deduct therefrom the amount of the cost to charity. She can’t be more than 30 or 50 percent of gross income minus legally permitted deductions. That is, if johnny Depp will receive charitable contributions alone, at the end of the year he will be able to regain $7 million.

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