Адвокат Романец: «Виктория планирует привлечь Лясковец и Каримова к уголовной ответственности» The scandal between ex-participants of “House-2” is gaining momentum. Victoria went to see a lawyer, Vladislav Pakhomov. He helped the girl to make a statement in the name of major-General of police, in which she described the whole situation. The lawyer told the “StarHit” about what will be their next steps.

January vacation Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev was ruined. At the end of the trip because of the unfair organization of the tour they had to pay a large sum of money than was previously negotiated. In the scandal were involved Christina Lyaskovets, who recommended them to the Agency. On numerous requests to Victoria to help her friend did not respond.

Romanet went to meet with a lawyer Vladyslav Pakhomov. The lawyer helped the girl to write a statement, which was displayed all her claims to Lyaskovets and Yuri Karimov. The document outlines the amount that is credited to the account of the card men. For fraud may be prosecuted.

Victoria romanet will meet in court with her traitorous friend

Vladyslav Pakhomov in conversation with “StarHit” said the statement filed with the police, and the Vic determined.

“Victoria plans to bring the case to its logical conclusion (of the court) or accept an apology and compensation from the persons who did this to her fraudulent activity. Victoria has no plans to appeal in a civil procedure. She addressed with the statement on initiation of criminal case. The question is not about the recovery of the amount, and on bringing these persons to justice. Amount – this is the second time”, – said the lawyer “StarHit”.

Lyaskovets also decided not to stand aside. In the post posted in the blog she hinted that she also was ready to indict the romanet.

“First: that each will pay for their insult! Each! How would you like it? In court? Yes, Yes! For libel even like attract! But it’s not even the win! And that the truth always comes out! It is truth and not of type true or allegedly true! Yet never was a law – who first said, he is right! The one who is right, he feels no guilt and not even experiencing! And now it is so!” – wrote Kristina on Instagram.

Vladyslav Pakhomov does not exclude that of Lyaskovets may also sue romanet. “Christine may submit any claims is her right. If she loses the case, all the costs will fall on it,” – said the lawyer “StarHit”.

Earlier the lawyer Pakhomov defended the interests of the other ex-member “House-2”, Marina of Mexico. The girl assert their rights after an employee of the airport of Rostov-on-don posted information about the passport and the credit card number of the passenger. It turned out that she found out Mexico, starred in the reality show. For such an offense, the woman was fired. Marina decided not to initiate criminal proceedings and wrote the waiver, considering that this be a lesson to dishonest workers of the reception.