Адвокат Филиппа Киркорова опроверг информацию о госпитализации According to media reports, the famous human rights activist Alexander Dobrovinsky independently asked for help in one of the capital’s hospitals. The lawyer complained of pain intestine and doctors decided to hospitalize lawyer after inspection. However Dobrovinsky called the information false.
Адвокат Филиппа Киркорова опроверг информацию о госпитализации

Today the press released information that a well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky was estreno hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. According to media reports, human rights independently went to the hospital with complaints of pain in the intestine. After examining the patient, the doctors decided to leave the lawyer in the hospital for further tests.

In a conversation with “StarHit” the famous lawyer has denied reports of ill health. According to Dobrovinsky, to its health threatens nothing.

“Nonsense! I feel very good. After five minutes, beginning to lecture in their intellectual club about Marc Chagall. But I am very this post cheers. Send a couple of pretty nurses, please. Just today, Golf is played in the morning,” said Alexander.

Dobrovinsky trusted by many domestic stars. He was not afraid to undertake even the most high-profile cases. Among his clients was Julia Baranovskaya and Andrei Arshavin, Anastasia, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite and others.

One of the last high-profile cases Dobrovinsky associated with plagiarism. The lawyer defending the king of pop domestic scene Philip Kirkorov. At the end of 2016, the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani accused of plagiarism by the Russian singer.

Marouani appealed to the court demanding to ban Kirkorov to sing the hit song “Cruel love”, as well as to pay damages in the amount of 75,34 million rubles. Philip denied the claims in his address. The king of the domestic pop scene stated that he purposely dragged into a scandal. People’s artist of the Russian Federation believed that his account just want to be famous .

Dobrovinsky stated that the claims of foreign artists – a very common phenomenon. The lawyer learned with a sense of humor to the statements of the musicians, who are often little-known, but I want to win big with celebrities. Alexander and Philip in the end managed to win.

Dobrovinsky did not hide emotions from a long-awaited triumph. “Moscow court finally sent away the last complaint of the Frenchman Marouani and his lawyer. Maybe they like it when they… Well, you understand,” Dobrovinsky wrote on Instagram.