Lawyer Harvey Weinstein refused to defend him in the case of harassment

Адвокат Харви Вайнштейна отказался его защищать в деле о домогательствах

Recently it became known that the lawyer of the producer of “the Lord of the rings” Harvey Weinstein refused to defend it in court.

Адвокат Харви Вайнштейна отказался его защищать в деле о домогательствах

The news that Lisa bloom is an attorney and producer shocked the public. The fact that Lisa is famous for its Affairs to protect girls who were accused of sexual harassment of famous people like bill Cosby and even the President of the United States Donald trump.

The girl’s mother, an American lawyer and advocate for women’s rights, 76-year-old Gloria Allred, after learning that daughter would be to protect the producer, who publicly criticized Lisa. The lawyer resigned because of pressure from society and her family.

Recently began to gain momentum a scandal with famous producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of harassment. He was fired from his own company, The Weinstein Company. It all began with the publication of The New York Times about the numerous harassment Harvey. According to the journalists, he stuck to Actresses such as Ashley Judd and rose McGowan. In one interview the producer said that the article slandered him. “I am responsible for my actions, but the reason I am filing a claim associated with the failure of The Times to write honestly. They lied. They only made assumptions.”

Адвокат Харви Вайнштейна отказался его защищать в деле о домогательствах

According to the producer, the article was based on a note written by the actress Lauren O’connor in 2014, where she accused the tycoon of harassment. “Before the publication of the paper was in agreement with us that they tell us about the people who appear in this article, so we can meet the publication appropriately, but they have not fulfilled the contract. They spent six months working on the article, and then only gave us 24 hours to respond. They were so afraid that they will be ahead of that did not verify the information. Reporters have made only assumptions. They never wrote about my achievements. But I decided to make a controversial article without reliable information. Now meet them in the courtroom,” says the film producer.

Now Harvey changed his behavior, which previously could be taken as harassment. “I have a bad temper. Therefore, people feel intimidated, but I don’t even know when I cross that line. I used to praise people, and some perceived it as sexual harassment. Not doing that anymore,” says the producer.

As the star has commented on the scandal with Ashley Judd. “I know that Ashley Judd is having a hard time, I read her memoirs, in which she says that was the victim of sexual violence and is prone to depression in childhood. Her life story was brutal. I respect her and am going to contact her.”