Lawyer Diana Shurygina humiliated by Sergei Semenov

Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова Convicted for rape of a minor resident of Ulyanovsk were released on PAROLE and gave his first television interview. According to Sergei Semenov, he wants other young people do not repeat his mistakes. Lawyer Diana Shurygina publicly condemned the young man.
Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова

Last week Sergey Semenov, who was convicted for rape of a minor resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, ahead of schedule left on freedom after a year in prison. The young man gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, in which he spoke about what are the lessons learned from the current situation.

Released Semenov brought Shurygin hysterical

According to Semenov, everything can be used, even to life behind bars. While in custody, he is most missed loved ones. Sergey also commented on the rumors that another participant of fateful events – Alexander Rohlin – to allegedly bribe the parents Shurygino, so escaped a prison sentence.

“I don’t know what he who were given. So I am not going to talk about it. I do not know, how all was actually. I knew Sasha, but rather indirectly,” he said.
Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова

Members of the air present in the Studio was divided into two camps. Some supported Semenov, others Shurygin. “How can you transform into a hero of the rapist?” – appealed to the audience, a mother and public figure Hope Oskina. “What you were guided when they made such a conclusion?” – turned to her Sergey. Words Semenova drowned in the cries of the experts. He continues to deny that it is guilty of a crime.

“Yes, it was my fault. I had better watch their surroundings. But what I have accused the court, I confess,” said the young man.
Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова

Semenov said that it plans to appeal to the European court of human rights, as he considers it meaningless. To apologize to Diana Shurygina Sergei did not intend. “You weren’t there, you don’t know. She was not weak, say so,” replied the young man one of the attackers on him experts. Sergei’s sister Catherine hastened to join him.

“We were expecting him later, but it so happened that he had left earlier. Sergei’s not a rapist, Diana specifically provoked it” – shared the girl.
Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова

Semenov stressed that he does not consider himself a hero, but I would like to be an example for other young people. “Not to let the same mistakes,” explained the young man.

TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili gave to understand that he seem suspicious actions Shurygino. “Of course I’m against violence. Violence against women – the firing squad. The world has gone mad. It is a pity both. But Diana too quickly accustomed to the new conditions”, – said the showman. According to another presenter Artem Korolev, no one knows how all was actually. “However, Diana does not look like a victim” – he said. At the same time, to critics Semenova joined the journalist Natalya Varsegov. In her opinion, Semenov broke Shurygino. In the program again began rapidly to discuss the details of this high profile case.

Lawyer Diana Shurygina Natalia Glukhova, in turn, expressed outrage at early release of Semenov.

“A year in the colony – in the army visited. Ruined life of Diana and her family. For the actions he committed, the court appointed him a fair punishment in eight years… that Sergei is released on PAROLE, we are not informed. It was said before that this is possible only with the consent of the victim” – said the lawyer.

Sister of Sergey Semenov has noticed that relatives of Diana do not write the statement that they were notified about the planned release of Sergei. “So they did not ask,” explained Catherine.

Адвокат Дианы Шурыгиной унизила Сергея Семенова

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