Адвокат Барановской высказался о встрече Аршавина с детьми Andrew Tyndik was announced, “StarHit” the position of the presenter. After breaking up with Arshavin Baranovskaya single mother with three children. According to the lawyer of Yulia, Andrei and his representatives are trying to enter the media misleading, saying that the athlete was visited by heirs.

      Since the breakup of Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya took about three years. Now the presenter is raising three children from a relationship with the player – 10-year-old Artem, 8-year-old Ian and 4-year-old Arseny. Since January 2014, Andrew never met them. “StarHit” wrote about the recent meeting of the father with the children, however, according to the lawyer of Yulia Andrei Tyndik, journalists misled.

      “Unfortunately, the information communicated by the lawyer Voloshin, is not true. Alas, I have to say that the lawyer Mr. Arshavin is misleading the media. I contacted my guide, and lady Baranovskaya I confirmed that from January 2014, the year Mr Arshavin never see my children, and did not take any attempt to establish communication with them, although there are no obstacles from the side of Julia were not taken”.

      A high-profile breakup Baranovskaya and Arshavin the public spoke a couple of years ago. For many was the unexpected decision to leave Arshavin civil wife and three kids for a new love. Hasty parting with Baranovskaya, with whom he had been married for ten years, has caused quite a stir among football fans and ordinary citizens.

      Unfortunately, the “StarHit” failed to get a comment from Julia and her lawyer, and articulate their position in the material. Thus, previously published information given in the note on the meeting of Arshavin with the children, reflected incomplete charts proskhodyaschih. “StarHit” apologizes Yulia Baranovskaya.

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