Lawyer Alena Kravets, “She cried, seeing his daughter”

Адвокат Алены Кравец: «Она горько плакала, увидев дочь» Ex-husband of the actress took the heiress to her and now refuses to return to her mother. According to Alena and her attorney Maya Sandler, Danielle is with dad for 16 days. They are claims that security guards ex-husband Ruslan are in control every step girls.

      About a month ago Ruslan and Alena Kravets was found in the air of “Let them talk”, where he tried to discuss the education of his daughter, Danielle. The girl lived together with her mother in a large mansion. However, on 2 November it became clear that the child took the father and taken to him. Since then, Kravets’t seen Danielle. The ex-spouse does not go with the actress for the connection. Battered millionaire singer Alena Kravets may lose daughter

      “All these 15 days we tried to get in touch with this person. He refused to discuss something with me and with Alena,” said the lawyer Alena Maya Sandler.

      Earlier Ruslan was offered the option of a settlement agreement “On child support and the exercise of parental rights by the parent living separately,” according to which a girl had to live with my mother in the house, purchased by Ruslan Kravets. the mansion was built during the marriage and is decorated in equal shares to the daughter and Alain. The businessman had to pay all the utilities, and to allocate funds to a governess and private school successor. However, the document between the ex-spouses still was not signed. “The conversation was on current payments, there was no ultimatum,” said the official representative of Alena. In addition, the level of a child’s life after divorce parents should not decrease. That is why the Agreement had such conditions, – explained the lawyer.

      It was later revealed that the child did not attend school for about a week. According to Alena, Danielle probably went with his father abroad. And now Krawiec argues that the protection of Ruslan won’t let her anywhere near the heir. A young mother and her lawyer tried to meet with my daughter to school. However, the people who accompanied nine-year-old Danielle, was not allowed to do so.

      “We saw from Mercedes-jeep two men come out in their support of Danielle. Apparently, one guard, the other driver. The Ruslan Georgievich in the car was not. The child was scared, confused. We tried to call to talk. But we strongly pushed these men. The only thing Alena started to cry strongly, and the daughter tried to look when she rigidly walked to school from the gate. She looked back and said, “Mommy, please don’t worry, I’m fine, I love you very much,” said Sandler.

      Gathering his strength, the model and her lawyer tried to arrange a meeting with Danielle and Ruslan at his country house, but everything was useless. “We did not let even on the territory of the settlement”, – said the representative of Kravets.

      Sandler noted that the girl was 9 years old need a mum much more than dad. Earlier, Ruslan said in the program “Let speak” I caught ex-wife with a lover, when at home at the time had a daughter. As admitted Kravets, he wanted to protect the heir from such pernicious influence of a mother. Probably, the businessman decided to use more radical measures and the power to pick up Danielle.

      Initially, under the terms of Ruslana, the girl had to live with him, Alena could only come to the heiress. “I am convinced that in this way one tries to reclaim the woman he lost,” said Sandler. However, such conditions are the mother of the girl are not suitable.

      According to the lawyer, Alan very kindly talking to a girl and good at raising a child. “As a mother she is very strict, not good Danielle. The girl is not left to itself,” explained Maya.

      If the situation does not change, and the father will not return child, Alena Kravets will have to go to court. According to the lawyer, you need to make a claim about opredeleniye place of residence of the child. The authorities will define, to whom the education would give a daughter.

      “This is a very emotional and complex cases. We see no other way out. Alena is very hard to decide on a lawsuit, she’s in terrible shock and is afraid that it will take,” said Sandler.