Lawyer about the arrest of the boy on Arbat street: “I wouldn’t have passed him”

Адвокат о задержании мальчика на Арбате: «Я бы тоже не прошла мимо него» Little Oscar was at the center of media attention and Internet users after law enforcement officers detained him in the centre of Moscow on suspicion of begging. Later on the situation has commented the press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov.
Адвокат о задержании мальчика на Арбате: «Я бы тоже не прошла мимо него»

May 26 in the center of Moscow detained 10-year-old Oscar who has read “hamlet” by William Shakespeare on the Arbat. Next, the child was taken to the police station. One of the witnesses of the events was journalist Lucy Stein. According to her version of the incident, law enforcement officers “caught” the baby and “took one in hysterics”. “Not introducing myself, did not explain on what basis. Me and another girl who knew him, pushed to the ground,” she said.

10-year-old schoolboy was detained by police for a reading of hamlet in the center of Moscow

“StarHit” has contacted a lawyer Maya Sandler to comment on the news resonance of the detention of the child.

“In Moscow has its own number of regulations that must be followed. Private streets is also a concern. If we were talking about reading the boy in a public event, it is another story. If a child did it, so to speak, by the dictates of the heart, then, of course, they had a right to be curious and to ask whose it was, the lawyer said “StarHit”. – So if a lone child is a pedestrian area and declares a specific product, then, of course, this raises questions of police officers, especially if a child is behaving inappropriately and does not respond calmly to the questions about how old is he and where are his parents”.
Адвокат о задержании мальчика на Арбате: «Я бы тоже не прошла мимо него»

The lawyer also stressed that the involvement of minors in making money is punishable by law. “In each case it is necessary to investigate the circumstances of the incident. My opinion in this sense is hard, because I’m in the rigor in education of children, of course, in the best sense of the word. I would not have passed such a child, not even as a police officer,” added the lawyer.

As told to Maya Sandler, parents or guardians should be responsible for what happens to him. She also commented on the “hard” detention of the boy, which caused a storm of emotions in a number of social network users. Some of them were angered by the fact that the police took Oscar and put him in the car.

“We need to understand what happened. The child could swear obscenely to police, and in this case, of course, they could apply physical force to him. But then again, they are unlikely to beat him with a stick and applied handcuffs to him, – said the lawyer. They just more or less harshly put it under his arm and tried to put him in the car, so to call it “hard” measures of detention, I would not. As I understand it, the child did not answer the very simple questions of the staff. Not less important is the behavior of parents, whether they know or not know about what he does”.

Recall that the publication of Lucy, who caught a screaming child put in a police car, sparked heated public outcry. Social media users were outraged by what they saw and heard, calling the situation as “chaos.”

Later it turned out that the woman who had a neighbor or acquaintance, was the civil wife of the father of Oscar Christine. Until the moment of application to the police station she preferred to hide this fact. Themselves law enforcement officers also shared his version of detention of the child. They suspected the Oscar in the begging.

In relation to the stepmother of the child made an administrative report under article “Disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer,” and the father of the detainee filed an administrative offence for inadequate execution of parental responsibilities. To the Oscar as reports a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, had apologized for “any inconvenience”.

At the same time, the father of Oscar denies the accusations and calls them slander. According to the man, the boy was not engaged in begging, and a bag into which he allegedly collected money meant to carry things. Elias (Elijah) said that he earns enough to feed the civilian spouse and the child. However, the father of Oscar does not deny that he had read poetry in Central Moscow, but not for the purpose of income and to overcome shyness. According to Elias, his fiancee Christina was confused, so I didn’t know how to react during the arrest of Oscar.

After a couple of days after the incident, the information about it reached the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reported the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“It’s not so much a question of the presidential agenda, as the question of law enforcement bodies”, – he told reporters.